Previplan provides the best financial solutions to business challenges for over 45 years

The Firm

The firm, based in São Paulo, has business connections and associates in several regions of Brazil and abroad. Previplan’s full time staff and extensive network of strategic partners and associates form an outstanding team of specialists with excellent professional and academic credentials and a vast experience accumulated in years of strategic positions held at the Federal and State Governments, large private corporations, top Brazilian universities, and national and international financial organisms. The team is headed by Dr. Wadico W. Bucchi, a former President of the Central Bank of Brazil and Alternate Governor in the Boards of the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the Inter-American Development Bank.

Experience and Results

Previplan was founded in 1979 with the purpose of rendering a comprehensive array of differentiated strategic and financial consultancy services to the top management and holding shareholders of medium and large size corporate companies and financial institutions. The firm uses the most advanced instruments and methodologies to assist its clients to achieve profitable solutions for their businesses and investments.

Business Plan Elaboration
Financial Modeling
Long-term Investments Projects

Our Clients

Previplan´s clients are medium and large corporations operating in diverse businesses segments: national and international financial institutions, industrial conglomerates, large commercial and services companies, as well as holding companies of major Brazilian private groups, and individuals and shareholders in control of some of these groups.

R$,00 in projects accomplished

Previplan is proud of verifying that its clients become permanent business partners, as a result of their recognition of the high technical competence, confidentiality standards and professional ethics employed by Previplan in modeling solutions to the entrepreneurial and financial problems brought to its evaluation. The principals of Previplan directly advise several chairmen, chief executive officers and chief financial officers of large national corporations.

Years in Business